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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Keller Files 1:3 Julian Assange is "Difficult"

As we read in Bill Keller's delicious piece of crime fiction, Julian Assange is all sorts of hard to deal with. He's got a bad temper that flares up with no apparent provocation, he's overly sensitive to criticism (I assume that's what "thin skinned" means, but I don't normally use lay terminology in a piece that's going to be published on paper), and he cares little for the welfare of others. Similar sentiments have been expressed by the British newspaper the DisreGuardian (copyright @TauxFu, 2011), with which Assange has also fallen out. Sounds like our boy may not know how to work and play well with others!!

My assessment:
     I have two areas of commentary about this. The first is that Julian seems to reserve these behaviours for his interactions with people and organizations he believes have betrayed him. Clearly he doesn't do this all the time - sometimes betrayal is met with nothing more than a dismissive response.  Given that betrayal involves little more than a few keystrokes or a quick visit to a police station in Sweden, it's surprising that there aren't more heads being kicked around by Julian's big boots. Ways to avoid being yelled out by Julian? Don't stab him in the back, don't tell the police that he can't get it up, and don't try to make money off of his hard work. Seems simple,yes?
     My second area of commentary pertains to how difficult it must be for Julian to deal with these people. I walk around most of the day with the word "IDIOT" sitting on the tip of my tongue. It's only with supreme self control that I can prevent this word from screaming out of my mouth like buckshot out of Sarah Palin's hunting rifle. Given that I don't have much inherent self control, you can imagine how much of a psychological strain this puts on me. So here is someone whose IQ is 30 points above mine at minimum. He spends most of his time suffering fools, and the rest of the time he's asleep. While he displays absolute calm, part of him must be dying to unleash a torrent of biting commentary that nobody else will understand. The reason he talks so slowly is probably because he constantly has to think about how he can dumb things down so that other people can make sense of it. I know that this makes me sound like a snobby bitch, but the truth is.. oh wait that is the truth. Anyway, let's be thankful that Julian is such a calm person overall, and is willing to share his thoughts and ideas with us. Thank you Julian. We love you!

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