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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Julian Assange is a necromaniac.

I just read this on a blog:

"He looks like, and sounds like, he could be a necromaniac."

In order to evaluate this claim, I first had to figure out what a necromaniac is. Now that surprised me, since I do have a PhD in Psychology from a prestigious university. One would think I would have encountered this term during my studies, but oh well...

From what I gather, a necromaniac is someone who is obsessed with death and dying. Presumably not one's own death and dying exclusively, but things like zombies and rotting flesh. Fortunately, someone's written a song about it. Here's a sample of the lyrics.

Awakened by an unquenchable addiction, To walk hand in hand with death, Exhumed to transcend the walls of the coffin, And search for newly rotted flesh... Casket crushing and dismantling the grave, With other fiends in this sadistic enclave, On draughts of blood my thirst is slaked, Underfoot the mouldy bones break... Nocturnal devestation my only aim, Dead or living, I seek out and maim, Six feet is the depth of my obsession,

My assessment:I really have no information that would help me to evaluate this claim, but I can't see where homeboy would find the time to dig up caskets and make love to the bones, or whatever it is one does when one actually locates the dead bodies. I mean, he's been kind of busy lately, and necromania seems like a time consuming hobby to me. I suppose it's possible he could be a zombie, but I'll wait for some concrete evidence of this.

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