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Friday, December 31, 2010

Julian Assange is a Rapist

Two things to note:

1. He hasn't been charged with any crime at all, and is only wanted for questioning.

2. What he's accused of doing (condomless sex when sex with a condom was what was agreed upon) isn't considered rape in most developed countries, including the US.

What's unfortunate about the speed of communication and the volume of available information these days is that nobody has time to attend to even gross detail - let along fine detail - and the discussion of pretty much everything gets circumscribed by the limitations of time and cognitive energy. In an environment where everyone has constant access to volumes of information, you can't get your words heard unless you can do it in 140 characters, in all caps, and while shouting inside your head. Everyone should behave responsibly, and research this stuff before they "react" and spread the misinformation even further. Otherwise we're all just Fox News in more dulcet tones.

Here's a pic of Julian Assange.

I would have sex with him, and I'd do it right in those stacks - maybe in the section on Politics, because that's basically all about fucking with people anyways. I would not tell him to wear a condom, thereby avoiding any possibility that he might rape me in Sweden.

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