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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Julian Assange is Arrogant

At some point during the last US Presidential election, the rednecks looked up the word "arrogant" in a dictionary (a pocket one, no doubt), because they needed a word to describe Obama, and they needed that word to be sort of highbrow. Since then, the meaning of the word has been so badly degraded that it's come to be associated with anyone (on the left) who seems reasonably self-assured. People who hear that someone is "arrogant" then work backward to conclude that the target doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Following that, they decide that there is no point in actually listening to what the target says and making an independent conclusion about his/her arrogance or lack thereof.

Does Julian Assange know what he's talking about? Is his steely resolve just an act that disguises a trembling, insecure little boy who's accidentally gotten himself mixed up in a huge mess and really just wants his teddy bear and some hot cocoa? Let's take a look at a picture of him. Maybe that will help us decide...

I rest my fucking case... although maybe he'd still like some hot cocoa.

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