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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Julian Assange is in bed with the Chinese!

Poor Julian Assange - is there anyone he's not in bed with?? Well.. me.. but I have nothing to offer, although I did just bake a nice pound cake that he'd certainly be welcome to.

Someone has cooked up a conspiracy theory that had Julian working alongside the Chinese to bring about the downfall of the US. Apparently all Wikileaks is is a front for the Intelligence arm of the Peoples Republic of China.

Here is the gist of the theory:

Wikileaks was started in China, by a group of Chinese dissidents. The Chinese government then recruited Assange to run the site (How it passed from the dissidents to the gov't is unclear in this theory). The Chinese now use Wikileaks as a front to attack the US. This way it looks like Wikileaks is acting on its own, but in fact Assange and his organization are working following the commands of an evil puppet-master.

My comments: I'm not going to say anything negative about the person who concocted this theory, because I'm assuming he/she owns a gun.


  1. He is not in bed with me either - unfortunately. I can cook him a meal if he ever comes to Sweden again. I think he´s a nice guy.

  2. Yeah, he's probably never sleeping with a Swedish woman again, so I'm afraid you'll have to move! In any case, I think he would be wonderful dinner company. I have my guest room ready for him if he ever comes to Canada!!