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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Julian Assange is Tintin

This video gives evidence that Julian Assange might be the flesh-and-blood incarnation of the popular cartoon character, Tintin. To sum up:

- They are both investigative journalists

- Their work has been translated into many languages (I myself have read them in three!)

- They both fight injustice world-wide

- They both wind up in dangerous situations on a more-or-less ongoing basis

- Neither appears to have a boss or a senior editor to whom they report

- Tintin appears to have no coworkers, and Assange's are ghostly figures at best, except for the pretty woman with the curly hair and the comfy scarf, and the cute guy with the high hair and the glasses. I adore them both, but I'm not sure what their role is exactly.

A side-by-side indicates some striking physical similarities..

Tintin is rarely seen at his at his own place. According to my sister, who is a Tintin expert, he does rent a room somewhere, but is normally seen at Marlinspike Hall, the home of his wealthy friend, Captain Haddock, or he is travelling. As we all know, Assange is currently being hosted by HIS wealthy friend, Vaughan Smith, at HIS home, Ellingham Hall, pictured on the left below. Marlinspike is on the right.

My Assessment: I probably need to see my doctor to tweak my meds, because I think this might actually be true. It definitely makes more sense than him being an agent for the CIA or a crappy lover (come on, you don't believe that any more than I do) There are some problems though:

- Haddock is an alcoholic, and while he does redeem himself at times, he usually gets the crew into more trouble than it was in before. Vaughan Smith seems quite a bit more stable, and has yet to be seen in public falling-down drunk. There is still time though.

- Tintin never has girlfriends or lovers. I don't think I need to expand on this point.

- Tintin has been to outerspace.

- The cast of characters has yet to be fleshed out. We need a rotund female opera singer, an absent-minded Swiss physicist, and a fluffy little terrier. The parts of the bumbling detectives, Thompson and Thompson have of course been filled by Marianne Ny and Claes Borgström.

- It's unclear how he would have leaped off the page and become a three-dimensional organism, but maybe the nice people who produced the movie "The Ring" can help out with that part.

Overall, I think this one is a winner. Hopefully soon our hero will be able to go on his next adventure!


  1. Great analogy! So all this is obviously a set up scene and plot, and conspiracy theorists out there were right:-)

    Life is even bigger than fiction!

  2. You've got me confused - I thought Kevin Rudd was Tintin. There are several Facebook groups to back me up on this one.

    Have you seen my blog and my big list? My hobby is documenting things that people write about unusual famous people, people like Assange.

  3. I know it's a while ago but... I was so reminded of your entry here when I read this:

    “When Assange comes into the living room and sits on the couch, a small Jack Russell terrier jumps up onto his lap and remains there for most of the next five hours” :)