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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Julian Assange is Fucked Up Because of His Childhood

Sometimes, when I'm eating dinner, I save the tastiest bits for last. So it is with this item. I've been sitting on this "thing people say about Julian Assange" for a while now, waiting for a time when I needed to reward myself by biting into something really juicy. That time has now come.

Recently, some information has come to light about Julian Assange's unusual childhood. Key points:

- Julian never knew his biological father

- When he was an adolescent, Julian and his mother went into hiding in an attempt to escape from her abusive boyfriend, moving frequently from town-to-town and state-to-state (or province-to-province - whatever they've got down there in Oz)

- During this time, Julian was frequently bullied and ostracized by his peers

- When he was 13 or 14, his mother bought a computer for him, and the computer became his "only friend"

All of this paints a picture of a lonely child at the margins of society - someone who couldn't help but grow increasingly resentful, increasingly marginalized, increasingly deviant, increasingly paranoid, and increasingly... dangerous...

It's obvious that someone so brutally abused, shunned by society, and left to communicate with the world through nothing but combinations of zeros and ones would become evil, and eventually ... MANIACAL!!! And obviously his target would be the very paragon of power and captain-of-the-football-team-type popularity.. the United States of America!!

My comments:

** oh JesusChristDeepSigh..**

Really, seriously.. how hard is it for people see that all they are doing is working backwards from the man they *think* they see to what effect they *think* his childhood had on him?? Let's count the problems with this:

- We only know the most salient things about his childhood

- We only know the things that were raised in court in an attempt to protect him from prosecution during his previous run-in with the law

- The connection between this information and the behaviours of the man we see today are speculative at best, unless we have an insightful and deeply incisive and personal analysis from Assange himself

- One could very easily argue that this history led him to be someone who is protective of others, and concerned with ensuring that vulnerable people have access to the information and resources that can help them protect themselves

In summary, I'm no psychologist, but.. oh wait, yes I am..

In summary, no one can know how Julian Assange's childhood affected him except Julian Assange himself. So we all need to wait for him to disclose this, if he wants to do that. If he decides he doesn't, we all need to be just fine with that, because that information.


and should be.


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